TheRealReshmi is a girl you see everyday on your way to work. You see her as she boards the busy metro, clutching onto her purse and her smartphone. You see her taking multiple phone calls during the ride, as she juggles with conversations with her family and crunching numbers with her clients.

TheRealReshmi is the extra-ordinary woman you see at home. The woman of today, who is dressed in crisp and dapper fabrics as she cooks a meal for her husband and the same woman who, sometimes, does not have the willingness to change out of her sweatpants and get out of bed. She is the woman who is ordinary like others, but the unbridled spark  in her that lights up the room as she walks in, is what makes her extra-ordinary.

TheRealReshmi is beautiful, stunning and confident, and does not rely on the eyes of the beholder to be told that. She is progressive in her thinking, forward in her views, at pace with the ever-changing dynamics of the growing society. She’ll believe in anything if there is enough reason, she’ll support anything if there is enough heart. She is opinionated, rebellious and is always on the side of the underdogs.

TheRealReshmi is a real girl. As real as they get. As imperfect as possible. As annoying as anyone. As sexy as intelligence. As innocent as a child.

TheRealReshmi is not a made up perfection of a model of a woman – TheRealReshmi is a real woman.

TheRealReshmi is you.