Arijit picked his pen up, the pink gloss still remnant on it – He touched the colour with his thumb, the same colour that was present on Shreya’s lips moments ago.

Shaadi Bachche & Settling Down – Tick Tock

“You’re crazy. You’re just twenty-four and you’re already married and thinking of getting pregnant!? Look at me – We are the same age and I don’t even know what I am going to eat for dinner tonight, let alone thinking about marriage and babies.”

Aye Moti Tu Kitna Khayegi?

“Krishna, look at this – Why don’t we order this herbal tea? I was just talking to Mrs. Chopra, she has tried this and lost about twenty kilos in the process.” said Krishna’s mother, emphasizing on the word “twenty” with the vigor of a sumo wrestler.

Are Men Really from Mars?

Men are expected to behave in a certain way in the society too, which too plays a part in isolating them from women. Men are expected to be strong and protective. Men are expected to become engineers and doctors. Men are stereotyped to be macho. Men are expected to earn a living. Men are expected never to break down.