So now, when they see girls wearing jeans and skirts (so different from what they have seen their mothers and grandmothers wear), or girls drinking alcohol (something that only men drink in their families while women sit separately talking about pressure cookers and bharta recipes), their brains automatically infer that these girls aren’t good.

I Hear Voices – Of Course I am Crazy

Would you believe someone who says he heard voices? Would you be open enough to consider the possibility that he is not lying or isn’t hallucinating? Would you be able to open up your mind slightly to believe that there could be a phenomenon that science cringes to justify?

Shaadi Bachche & Settling Down – Tick Tock

“You’re crazy. You’re just twenty-four and you’re already married and thinking of getting pregnant!? Look at me – We are the same age and I don’t even know what I am going to eat for dinner tonight, let alone thinking about marriage and babies.”

When will Fair & Lovely Stop Being Beautiful?

I am not dark skinned. I don’t know how I would fare on the “fair-o-meter” (pun purposefully intended), but I am pretty fair. Not milk-fair but fair enough, if there ever was such a term. But when I was growing up, I wasn’t as fair as some of the girls around me, and was made to realize that every now and then.

Ashish & Zara – The Secular Couple

I don’t think there is anything grimmer or more undo-able for Indian parents to give their son/daughter off in marriage to a different religion. And yet, here we are, shoving our passports and nationalism at anyone who would listen, that we are a secular nation.